Avocado how to do will be both delicious and can lose weight? These ways to eat more and more thin!

In order to achieve the effect of weight loss, people can be said to be using a variety of ways, including diet to lose weight. In many ways of diet to lose weight, avocado weight loss can be said to be a popular way, after all, delicious and low calorie avocado who does not love? Then, avocado weight loss in general how to do to both delicious, but also to achieve the effect of weight loss?

Avocado weight loss method one: raw avocado

As a fruit, avocado and apples, oranges, bananas and other fruits, it is possible to eat raw. When eating raw avocado, you can horizontally with the hard shell of the avocado in half, and then remove the avocado kernel, the remaining flesh can be eaten with a spoon to dig, you can also use a knife to cut it into slices after eating with a fork or toothpick fork. Raw avocado weight loss way to save simple and maintain the nutritional composition of the fruit, so that weight loss more effective.


Avocado weight loss method two: avocado salad

Salad taste delicious, delicate taste, but the ingredients ingredients are not reasonable, it is easy to cause too much calorie situation, not to achieve the effect of weight loss. Avocado and some other fruits and vegetables with the preparation of avocado salad can achieve the effect of weight loss. Avocado salad ingredients less, simple to make, just cut the avocado into small cubes of 1 cm square, and then add peas, cucumber, corn and broccoli dice and other ingredients, mix with salad dressing or tomato sauce, a delicious and can lose weight avocado weight loss salad can be safely eaten.

avocado salad

Avocado weight loss method three: avocado fermented food

After mashing the avocado pulp, put it in a clean bottle or jar and seal it, and add some sugar to enhance the flavor, stir it well and leave it for two or three days before you can take it out and use it. It can be eaten directly or spread on bread slices, and add some honey, then the bread slices are very delicious, low calorie intake, but also conducive to weight loss.

avocado fermented food

In short, the effect of using avocado to lose weight is still good, these avocado weight loss methods above are good, want to lose weight, you can try.