Select the best curtains for your new home.

Choosing the right pattern of curtains as an important part of your home's soft furnishings can not only bring a good sense of vision to the room, but also increase the mood of the occupants' pleasure.

Let's start with the curtain material. Cotton, linen, nylon, man-made fibers, and silk are the five most common curtain materials on the market. Cotton blind curtaincurtains are absorbent, breathable, great to the touch, and dyed in bright colors; hemp curtains have a natural fibre-rich natural texture; there are natural patterns, dyeing is difficult, so the colors available in natural linen are usually very few; nylon is not easy to wrinkle, mould, and friction resistance is enhanced; man-made fibers are super functional: such as sunlight resistance, not easy to deform, friction resistance, and so on; silk is bright and shiny, smooth to the touch;

Then there's the matter of the curtains' color. If your home is already fairly crowded, with a lot of paintings, carpets, cushions, and other colors hanging around, please choose solid-colored curtains. The safest option is to select a color that is similar to the wall color but a few shades darker.

The style of the curtains comes next. If you think solid colors are too boring, try vertical two-tone curtains, especially if they are dark at the bottom and light at the top, with more light areas than dark areas, to visually lift the room.

How do you figure out the fabric area for the finished curtain? First and foremost, the curtains should be 10-15 cm wider than the frame on the left and right sides. For thin curtains, pleat twice the area, i.e. the actualroller blind width of the curtain purchased should be twice the width of the window frame. In the case of very thick curtains, twice the pleated area may result in too thick pleats or pile up on either side of the frame when pulled open, so consider 1.5 times depending on the situation. Simply make sure the curtains are long enough to brush the backs of your bare feet.

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Which window coverings are currently the most popular?

Traditional furnishings like shutters and Roman blinds are widely used. Because they are now offered in a range of hues and levels of transparency, Pulliam claims that roller and solar blinds are some of the items with the fastest-growing markets. These are common choices for window coverings.

Cooling rooms with blinds?

Both vertical (Venetian blinds) and horizontal (louvered-type) window blinds effectively reduce solar heat gain and glare while allowing ample natural light indoors.

How can my roller blind be concealed?

Using a ceiling pocket or blind boxDepending on the style of window, the roller mechanism of a blind box can be concealed either in the wall or the ceiling. The most typical use of a headbox in residential security is to hide blind mechanisms on windows and doors.