vegetables is particularly important to teach you a few good methods!

First: soak for half an hour. The water can add some detergent, general soaking time of not less than 30 minutes, and then wash off the detergent above the fruits and vegetables. Now there are some fruit and vegetable detergents on the market, add water soaking can also improve the precipitation of pesticides in fruits and water testing tds metervegetables, soak for a period of time, and then rinse a few times with water, also has a good effect of pesticide residues.

Second: soak with warm water containing alkaline. Most of the pesticides used in fruits and vegetables are organophosphorus pesticides and chloroformate pesticides, such as the characteristics of such chemicals is easy to decompose in the presence of heat, easy to decompose in the presence of alkali. So use warm water soaking or with a weak alkaline solution (baking soda with water, rice water) soaking have a good residual effect.

Third: appropriate to add some vinegar, we all know that vinegar has always had good sterilization ability, in addition, vinegar's decontamination ability is also very strong, but also effective in removing certain residual toxins.

Fourth: remove the skin. Some eggplant and fruit vegetables because the skin has a layer of wax, so most of the pesticide residues remain on the surface of the fruit, so eat as much as possible to remove the skin with the skin of the fruit.