Introduction to the UK University Scholarship Program

It is not easy to come to the UK to study, not only do you need to work hard in advance to ensure excellent grades, but you also need to ensure the financial conditions. As parents, if you can't afford the huge cost, then your child's road to study abroad may be forced to stop, university scholarships have always touched the hearts of students studying abroad, so for now, what types of university scholarship programs have been proposed in the UK?

University Scholarship I: University of Cambridge - International Graduate Scholarship

It is not easy to study at the University of Cambridge, and it is even harder to get an international postgraduate scholarship. First of all, you must have the appropriate academic achievements and be able to guarantee that you can reach the top 50 50% of the academic standards in your class. In addition, you must ensure that you are not a British citizen, and you must also provide proof of financial need, and the annual award is £12,000.

University Scholarship II: Oxford University - China Oxford Scholarship Fund

To get this scholarship, you must be from China, whether it is mainland China or Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are possible, because this scholarship is originally prepared for countless Chinese students and is a great benefit. The scholarship amount is not fixed, but it can cover all expenses, such as housing, living expenses, tuition, etc., which is also a considerable amount of income.

Most of the university scholarship awardees are nominated by Heads of Academic Departments.

University Scholarship 3: St. Andrews University - St. Andrews Scholarship

This scholarship does not strictly card number, the number of awards is not fixed, can be more or less, sometimes even to dozens or even hundreds of students, as long as you can guarantee that all subjects are passed, and can afford the remaining tuition fees and the next living expenses, then you can apply unconditionally, an average of £ 8,000 per person.

The emergence of university scholarships can indeed relieve the mental and financial pressure of international students. However, although the scholarship amount is high and looks very tempting, not everyone can cross the threshold and be successful in their application.