How to apply for further study in Hong Kong and what university scholarships are available for postgraduate students

Every year, there are many graduates in mainland China, facing the choice of finding a job or continuing their studies, and some of them will choose to study in Hong Kong, from the undergraduate or from the master's degree to continue their further studies. However, to go to Hong Kong for postgraduate studies, you also need to meet certain requirements in order to successfully enter a university and get a university scholarship, so how do you apply to enter a university in Hong Kong for further study? What are the scholarships?

Requirements to apply for university scholarships

Generally speaking, there are many kinds of university scholarships for both mainland and Hong Kong universities so that students who are going to study in the university or are studying in the university can have enough money to cause several years of courses. In order to pursue postgraduate studies at a university in the Hong Kong region, you first need to have a corresponding undergraduate or master's degree, a degree or diploma that is recognized by the school's institution.

Language requirements for applying to university scholarship schools

Most of the schools with university scholarships in Hong Kong, if you want to enter, the English language needs to meet their requirements. If you are not a native speaker of English and your bachelor's degree or other qualifications are not awarded by a professional English-speaking institution, you need to meet the minimum requirements of the school regarding English before you can enter, the specific requirements are TOEFL into a network score of eighty and a written test score of not less than five hundred and fifty. It is also possible if the IELTS score is not less than six.

University scholarships for graduate students

Students who meet the admission requirements are eligible to apply for university scholarships at the school. Entrance scholarships at the school can generally be offered by individual departments, but they need to meet individual course requirements, such as the number of bachelor's degrees taken or the number of credits achieved, and some other requirements needed to apply for university scholarships, which can be found on the school's specific page.

College Scholarship Amount

Each school has a limited number of college scholarships, and most of the candidate lists are nominated based on academic merit, so if you want to get a college scholarship, then you must not fall behind in your academic performance. There is also a further study grant, the amount of which is up to HK$120,000, which is applicable throughout the taught postgraduate further study program.