Types of vacuum cleaners: 1 minute to tell you how to choose a vacuum cleaner!

People's cleaning equipment have changed dramatically as modern technology has advanced, and hoovers have increasingly replaced brooms and mops as the "mainstay" of domestic cleaning. Although hoovers are still relatively unpopular in China, there is no doubting their role in daily cleaning.

Early vacuum cleaners

Domestic vacuum cleaners are currently classified into barrel vacuum cleaners, horizontal hoovers, upright hoovers, pole hoovers, and handheld hoovers based on their appearance and shape. Today, I'll give you a solid introduction to vacuum cleaners so you can buy the best one for your home.

Vacuum cleaners in buckets

Bucket vacuum cleaners have the largest market share and are frequently used for cleaning public locations such as hotels, restaurants, and workplaces. They are primarily used for filtering and collecting solid and liquid waste from floors or walls, as well as for uniform cleaning. With a chord length of roughly 10 metres, the bucket vacuum cleaner eliminates the need for frequent socket changes, making it less inconvenient for bigger houses. Because the bucket hoover absorbs water, it can be utilized in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Vacuum cleaners in buckets

Advantages: high capacity, high power, good suction capacity, wet and dry operation.

Disadvantages: large size, high electricity usage, and noise.

Horizontal vacuum cleaners

The horizontal vacuum cleaner is a miniature version of the bucket hoover, also known as a domestic version, with two wheels, similar to a small automobile sitting on the floor. When cleaning, you may crash into furniture and become trapped if you are not careful, in addition to pulling the power cord and the dust collection canister with it.

Horizontal vacuum cleaners

The body has been streamlined to be smaller and more flexible than a barrel hoover in order to lower the size of horizontal hoovers for home use, but it is undeniably not comparable to a barrel hoover in terms of suction force and dust capacity. Horizontal vacuums have a more flexible suction head portion and can clean in low spaces such as under beds. In addition to the floor, some horizontal vacuum cleaners come with different heads for cleaning sofas and high locations.

Access to low-lying places, high efficiency, low noise level, great suction force, and a flexible head are all advantages.

Disadvantages include the need to haul the bucket along and the proclivity to collide with furnishings.

upright vacuum cleaners

The classic upright vacuum cleaner is not widely used in China, but it is the most popular residential vacuum cleaner in Europe and the United States. To decrease body weight, upright hoovers are powered by a motor in the suction head section, which is designed to fully clean the carpet even when cleaning the floor, but this form of hoover is also highly noisy.

upright vacuum cleaners

Advantages: powerful suction, no need to stoop down, and simple switching between carpet and floor brush heads.

Disadvantages include being highly noisy, heavy, and inflexible, as well as being difficult to clean corners and low spaces.

Vacuum cleaners for poles

The pole vacuum cleaner resembles the upright hoover in appearance, but it is lighter and rechargeable. It is distinguished by its compact size and ease of use, and the rechargeable design allows it to be free of cords, allowing the user to clean best cordless handheld vacuum for pet hairthe area as he or she likes.

The pole vacuum cleaner is a great example of a cordless hoover and is classified into three types: the first type has the dustbin, motor, and filtration system above the vacuum head, similar to a cordless version of an upright hoover; the second type has the dustbin, motor, and filtration system in a handheld position, with a pole attached to the vacuum head; and the third type has the dustbin, motor, and filtration system below the vacuum head.

The first form of pole vacuum cleaner may be used upright, while the second type of pole vacuum cleaner can be wall mounted, making them both more space efficient for shelving. Both varieties of pusher hoovers can be disassembled and the head replaced in handheld mode for cleaning beds, sofas, and bookcases, among other things. They can also be used as automobile hoovers, however the second type of pusher hoover has a long pole that can be used to clean high places such as roofs.

Both can be converted into portable versions.

However, because a cordless hoover has a common issue, it must be evaluated for endurance, which is normally around 60 minutes for small gears and 20 minutes for large gears, and, with these battery-powered hoovers, the battery life becomes shorter over time, which also impacts suction power.