Fibocom Intros The MaaS Strategy To US Mobile Operators

Fibocom has been a leader in the cellular module market for over 40 years and has over 900 OEM customers. With the future of mobile communications on the horizon, Fibocom is looking to bring their expertise in modules and connectivity to the US market.

The MaaS Strategy

Fibocom has introduced the MaaS strategy to US mobile operators. The strategy is designed to offer a more efficient and cost-effective way for mobile operators to manage their networks.

The MaaS strategy is based 5g cellular router on four key principles:

1. Managed services: Mobile operators can outsource the management of their networks to Fibocom, which will provide end-to-end network management services. This includes provisioning, monitoring, and troubleshooting of network services.

2. Analytical tools: Fibocom will provide mobile operators with analytical tools that will help them optimize their networks. These tools will help operators identify and resolve network problems more quickly.

3. Flexible deployment: The MaaS strategy offers flexible deployment options for mobile operators. Operators can choose to deploy Fibocom’s solutions on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

4. Pay-as-you-go pricing: Under the MaaS strategy, mobile operators only pay for the services they use. There are no upfront costs or long-term contracts required.

The Partner Program

Fibocom has announced its new MaaS strategy to US mobile operators. The Partner Program provides a suite of services and solutions that allow operators to deploy, manage and monetize their networks.

The program offers four core areas of service:

-Network Infrastructure as a Service (NIaaS)

-Operational Support Services (OSS)

-Application Enablement Services (AES)

-Business Intelligence and Analytics (BI&A)

Each of these services is designed to help operators improve their network performance, reduce costs and generate new revenue streams.

Network Infrastructure as a Service (NIaaS) provides access to Fibocom's network infrastructure, including its carrier-grade LTE eNodeB and IMS core. This allows operators to quickly deploy LTE services without the need for costly infrastructure investment.

Operational Support Services (OSS) provides access to Fibocom's OSS platform, which includes tools for network planning, optimization and troubleshooting. This helps operators to improve network quality and reduce operational costs.

Application Enablement Services (AES) provides access to Fibocom's application development platform, which enables the creation of custom applications that can be deployed on Fibocom's LTE network.

Why the US market?

The US mobile market is one of the most mature and sophisticated in the world. It is also a highly competitive market, with operators constantly looking for new ways to differentiate themselves and win customers.

Fibocom's MaaS strategy is a response to this challenge. It is designed to help operators offer a more comprehensive and differentiated mobile experience to their customers.

MaaS stands for "mobile as a service". It is a new way of thinking about the mobile experience, one that focuses on delivering value beyond just connectivity.

With MaaS, operators can offer their customers a range of services and applications that are integrated into a single, seamless experience. This includes things like content, gaming, location-based services, payment solutions, and more.

By offering such a comprehensive and differentiated mobile experience, operators can not only win new customers, but also keep them loyal for longer.

If you're an operator in the US market looking for a way to stand out from the competition, Fibocom's MaaS strategy is definitely worth considering.

The US Market's Needs

The 5G network is a major driver of the mobile industry in the United States. As the race to 5G begins, operators are looking for new ways to stay ahead of the competition. One way they're doing this is by embracing the MaaS strategy.

MaaS, or "Mobile as a Service," is a new type of business model that allows operators to offer their customers a complete mobile solution – including devices, data, and service plans – all in one package. This type of all-in-one approach is becoming increasingly popular with consumers, who are looking for convenience and simplicity when it comes to their mobile service.

Fibocom is one of the leading providers of MaaS solutions, and we're excited to bring our expertise to the US market. We believe that MaaS has the potential to revolutionize the mobile industry in the US, and we're committed to helping operators make the transition.

If you're an operator in the US market, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about how Fibocom can help you embrace the MaaS strategy.

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