bluetooth lte module

With the advent of the Internet of Things era, wireless transmission is also becoming more and more important, of which wireless module is a typical example; because things want to communicate with each other, they need to rely on wireless communication module to help them realize the sending and receiving of signals, so that all kinds bluetooth lte moduleof Internet of Things terminal devices have the ability to network message transmission.

Wireless modules are involved in remote control, telemetry, wireless remote control system, security and fire prevention system, small wireless network, industrial data collection system, wireless crane weighing, wireless electronic scale, vehicle monitoring, non-stop charging, parking management, wireless tagging, identification, biological signal collection, hydrological and meteorological monitoring, robot control, digital audio transmission, etc. So what are the characteristics of the Bluetooth module among the wireless modules?

One, with anti-interference ability: anti-interference ability is strong, can meet different wireless communication environment.

Third, multi-connectivity: Bluetooth can be connected to a variety of devices at the same time, such as the MS50SFA1 master-slave module, the master mode when you can connect multiple slave modules.

Fourth, penetrability: Bluetooth signals can penetrate most non-metallic objects.

V. Transmission security: Through the customized encryption and decryption algorithm and authentication authentication mechanism to ensure the security of transmission.

Sixth, fast deployment: the establishment of wired communication methods must be set up cable, or digging cable trench, so it requires a lot of manpower and material resources, compared with the use of Bluetooth modules to establish a dedicated wireless data transmission method, saving manpower and material resources, the investment is quite economical.

Application areas

  I. Wireless meter reading system for water, electricity, gas, etc;

  Second, building automation, security, computer room equipment wireless monitoring, access control system;

  Three, wireless call system, wireless queuing machine, medical equipment;

  Four, remote control switches, dimming color lighting, door locks, curtains, temperature and humidity meters, intelligent scales, etc. ;

  Fifth, wireless data transmission, automatic data acquisition system (SCADA system);

  Sixth, wireless LED display, snatcher, etc., intelligent transportation;

Seven, tire pressure detection, automatic car lock, data acquisition monitoring.

viii, sports bracelet, pedometer, sports measurement.

Bluetooth module features and application areas are actually much more than that, especially the introduction of Bluetooth 5.1 and Bluetooth 5.2, can be applied to a wider range of