embedded module

In this article, we will compare the different advantages and disadvantagesembedded module of industrial control embedded development and PLC control to see what the differences are, follow me to see it!

The same industrial control is more difficult to develop compared to embedded development PLC control. After all, it is a form of development from scratch, all requirements are very strict and very precise. In contrast, PLC control uses the appropriate programming software to change the different control elements, and although it can get the job done, the precision of embedded development is certainly not as high. This is one of the advantages of embedded development.

We accept the first point and say that the way of embedded development is limited because it is based on the needs of the current project. That is, it can only be used in the current project. If you want to start another project for embedded development, sorry, please start again and start over. In contrast, PLC control is not as accurate as embedded custom development, but it is flexible and can be used in any project as long as you can read its programming software. In this regard, PLC is more popular.

Since embedded system development is a working lifestyle from scratch, all the structures and ideas are to be thought of temporarily, so its time-consuming management is generally with a very long time. PLC control, on the other hand, can change its control research content arbitrarily with the help of programming software, and many things are available to the enterprise by directly bringing the call. So for both sides the preparation time for the activity is not on the same level. If students encounter some problems very important urgent work construction projects, the use of PLC control themselves is your best choice. Use embedded software technology for analysis redevelopment? You think too much.

To sum up, PLC control and embedded development have their own advantages in the field of industrial control, you can not simply say which is better than which, but according to the specific situation to judge. If the project lead time is short, the control requirements are less precise, and the project budget is relatively small, it is unlikely that PLC will be used. And if you have the same amount of money, the project is developed in less of a hurry, and the control precision requirements are high, then it's better to hurry up and develop embedded development! Just as we seek to purchase something cost effective, it is best to meet our own needs.