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With the continuous development of China's credit card popularity, online credit card payment gatewaymore and more people in the daily study and living environment are inclined to credit card market spending, especially for the epidemic these years, there is a capital turnover demand analysis then we will inevitably use credit cards. And sometimes it is also inevitable that we students will encounter no card, but at the same time to use credit card spending, then how to do it?

The fact is that credit cards are impossible to spend left and right, and cnc machined aluminumin more than one way. However, the premise is that the merchant you want to spend money with must support credit cards, and if so, it depends on the merchant's application scenario, such as online spending or offline spending.

1. Online spending.

Generally refers to online spending, mainly in some e-commerce mall, Whatsminer M31S+the simplest is online shopping, especially in the last two years, banks promote online spending. There are also many fans need turnover is a long-term machine, by the bank down, or even close the card. Recently I deal with credit card flat the most problems, 99% of the users are long-term use of the bank credit card machine. Because the swipe card does not match the big data, it does not comply with the bank's rules. Banks promote online use, he can only use offline.

2, offline consumption.

Common consumption methods, such as brush small animals, basically no matter which store counter to go to have POS machines, swipe the card, swipe the card, or induction flash payment on the card machine, all belong to offline consumption.

In summary, credit cards are not with us can also spend, provided that the consumer merchant companies can pay by supporting credit cards, and need to pay for the development of a variety of ways. Here the bank is asking students to diversify their spending, which makes it difficult for many of the friends of the inverted card.

How to spend online is the key. Does the card-back channel have a dedicated online spending?

Yes. If you are having problems with your credit card, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below and solve the problem together.