5g narrowband iot

A 5g smart ambulance, a drone capable of firing fire 5g narrowband iotbombs, a Huawei zero-carbon car... ... In 2021, 5g is a seamless link that continues to expand the concept of the Internet of Things, truly "connecting everything".

At the 2021 World IoT Summit, the Academy of Engineering made a speech entitled "The Internet of Things in the 5G Era", "The characteristics of 5G itself give the IoT the characteristics of high speed, low latency, large connectivity and high security, while the 'bond' of 5G also promotes the IoT seamless data integration with technologies such as artificially conducted intelligence, cloud computing, and industrial enterprise Internet."

Academician Wu said that with the arrival of 5G, IoT from narrowband IoT, broadband IoT, medium speed IoT development and then to large broadband IoT, transmission network speed from 20k bits per second can be increased to 50 megabytes to 100 megabytes, especially designed for China's urban economic management and industrial Internet video for monitoring. With the combination of information science and technology with the new generation of accounting, especially with the combination of artificial through intelligent control technology, has begun to appear wisdom network.

How to use large broadband IoT? For example, Mr. Wu said that by scanning machines and precision parts through laser technology, precise parameters of the machine can be obtained and then transmitted to the backend through 5G to compare with pre-stored theoretical models, which can identify very precise errors. Inspection time is reduced from 2 to 3 days to a few minutes. In addition, large bandwidth IoT can be applied to docks, mines, etc. With multiple HD videos, workers can remotely control cranes and workers can remotely control machinery under the mines, which both increases efficiency and improves labor conditions.

Broadband IoT (iot) is already a success in reality. In July, a data 2021 combined cloud computing and the industrial Internet to help pig iron foundry Mead Johnson build a "digital factory."... Casting process, annealing process, surface treatment, processing integration... ... Visualization and transparency in all aspects from production to packaging. With the help of the "digital factory", the dynamic monitoring and time-sharing management of the peak and valley electricity consumption of the enterprise is realized, and the purpose of energy saving and carbon reduction is achieved through accurate data analysis.

A data chairman believes that cloud computing is the core of the realization of the Internet of Things. The combination of cloud computing and IoT is an inevitable trend of Internet development. On the one hand, cloud computing needs to be applied in more industries; on the other hand, IoT also needs a larger support platform to meet its scale requirements.

The IoT in the 5G era is also realizing its true "Internet of Everything". 5G link density analysis can be achieved by more than 1 million per square kilometer, 5G supports more IoT technology devices in enterprises to access the information network with lower power consumption, and we can even effectively achieve 1 million sensors developing a simultaneous network connection. This means not only the expansion of connectivity to different areas, but another important aspect means that more "things" in the coverage area can be connected to China. Express carts and unmanned aircraft systems are the embodiment of the big connection of the Internet of Things engineering applications.

"5G will enable seamless integration of IoT, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain and industrial Internet technologies, driving the convergence of IT and OT technologies. OT is a traditional industrial technology. It completes the whole process of data from sensing to transmission, storage, processing and decision-making, giving full play to the role of data as a factor of production."

Iot security, scholars believe that 5g reliability reaches 99.9999% , an iot is supported by multiple base stations, and the interruption of one base station does not affect communication.

"Artificial intelligence systems are complex, and any complex system must have the ability to handle the unexpected and anomalous situations. "The Royal Academy of Engineering described the combined application of AI and IoT technologies in the 5G era.

Joseph said that artificially conducted intelligence development must need to have the ability to work with the disposal of unexpected and abnormal situations, and is particularly important.

The combination of IoT and artificial intelligence can help detect anomalies. The IoT can provide information on the status of the detected object and other additional information in the process of handling accidents and anomalies, which can help in more accurate anomaly detection. The key to future research is to use IoT technology to create mechanisms or frameworks for communication with the outside world, as in the case of traffic accidents, to be able to communicate with and warn vehicles in the lane near the accident via IoT devices.

In addition to artificial intelligence, iot and the cloud are embracing more closely together. The cloud provides a good storage space for the huge amount of data generated by iot, and iot provides applications for the cloud from start to finish, enriching the application scenarios of cloud computing.

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How will IoT be affected by 5G?

Data transfer speeds will considerably rise with 5G. Compared to current LTE networks, 5G is expected to be ten times quicker. IoT devices will be able to converse and share data more quickly than before thanks to this improvement in speed.

What does Sanet mean in IoT?

NETWORKS OF SENSORS. A sensor/actuator network, or SANET, is a collection of sensors that detect, measure, and/or operate upon their surroundings.

What is the maximum narrow band speed?

Years ago, the maximum narrowband speed for digital transmission was 150 bps (bits per second). The 1.544 Mbps, 64 Kbps, and 2,400 bps narrowband thresholds have already been reached (T1 speed). Wideband and broadband are in contrast.