How to buy a car vacuum machine in the car vacuum machine selection method

I firmly believe that every wholesale wet dry car vacuum cleaner person will have a car personnel to buy a car vacuum machine for your own car, volume exquisite, easy to carry, do not have to go to the store can also maintain the car clean good-looking. But to deal with the sales market, a variety of different vacuum machine, you are not dazzled, do not know how to choose it? Then today let us share some of the selection method of the vacuum cleaner in the car.

Vehicle in the use of the gateway payment processing situation is not only very easy to stain the accumulated dust, but also often hair, crumbs, pure water and other dirty things left in the car, to keep clean is not a very easy thing, plus the space is small, blind areas, cleaning down becomes more time-consuming and laborious. So there is a good function of the car vacuum machine becomes very important.

Output power: power is a bluetooth earbuds very critical element of selection, the power size of the vacuum cleaner is directly related to the adsorption of goods. Natural output power is not the greater the better, should also look at the use of the car, if the car long-term application in the city, dust conditions are not too serious, so you can choose a smaller power vacuum machine, on the contrary, if the car long-term in the suburbs and other places to go, it will be very suction dust, you need to buy a larger output power vacuum machine.

Power plug: the power plug is a very critical reason oh, the power plug is short, it will cause many areas in the car can not be cleaned, so you should buy a power plug is very long equipment, so the application area is relatively large, in general, the power plug in 4.5 meters long can be.

Own car system: for the size of the car vacuum cleaner, we should be based on their own vehicle size to determine, if it is a small family vehicle, then you can buy a more compact vacuum machine, if it is a large truck or passenger car, then you should buy a large volume of equipment, so as to adequately clean the vehicle.

Parts and accessories: the general components are: dust nozzle, moisture-absorbing nozzle, increased plastic hose, soft brush, lighting fixtures, switch power extension cord, etc. In addition to the necessary dust nozzle, the more important thing is to increase the plastic hose. In the case of use, there are some blind areas with straight dust nozzle is not sucked, you have to use plastic hose after deep to completely eliminate.

For the car vacuum machine selection, you or should be based on their own car's car system, the application of the situation, etc. to carry out the appropriate selection of vacuum machine. I want this article to bring you a little assistance, so that we can give their own their own car to choose an outstanding "cleaner".

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