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With the rapid development of domestic economy domestic human resource management development has entered a new stage. In China, the importance and cultivation of human capital has only 30 years of history, and the problems of overstaffing, egalitarianism, nepotism, and incentive and constraint mechanisms that existed under the traditional planned economy system have also emerged in China hrms hk. It still plagues many enterprises today. The reform and advancement of human resource management has become a key factor affecting the development of enterprises.

Human resource management system has now entered the stage of strategic management Human resource management system has been paid increasing attention and has now entered the stage of strategic management. China's human resources information management work has undergone a process of transformation from personnel management to strategic cost management, and the human resources manager has also completed the role change from senior manager to strategic cooperative learning partner of business operation in the process of this issue. With the fierce competition of enterprises, the unpredictability of the future strengthens, the battle for talents among enterprises becomes more and more intense, and the competition for talents becomes the core of enterprise competition.

The competition for talent makes the enterprise human resource management face unprecedented challenges. As the most active and core resources of enterprises, people are increasingly concerned. Who has mastered the talent, who has mastered the human to carry out the core enterprise competitiveness of resources, who is the student has mastered the magic weapon of competitive strategy to win. This will bring greater challenges to our human resources managers, how to treat human resources strategically, how to strategically manage human resources, how to make human resources strategy and corporate strategy to better match the overall strategy of the enterprise, so that human resources to better serve the strategy of the enterprise, human resources is the human resources managers must consider the issue.

In this way, the human resource manager stands rightfully in the strategic management of the enterprise and becomes a vital member of the enterprise management, participating in decision-making as a strategic partner of the enterprise management. At this point, the human resource management manager has completed the role change from senior manager to strategic development cooperative learning partner. These teaching activities in the enterprise are not only related to the functional departments for managing staff, but also closely related to HR information management. Some of them are themselves HRMS issues. Therefore, HR management staff must understand the basics of corporate finance, management concepts, core technologies, etc. Because of this, more and more top HR executives will ask for CEO positions. The content of modern HR management breaks away from the traditional closed system and continues to innovate.