The smell of pet body odor and Nepia Whito excrement is especially prominent in the hot and humid environment of summer. Most of these odors are caused by the bacteria and viruses carried by pets floating in the air. If left untreated, the probability of bacterial infection increases for both pets and family members.

If a business is air-conditioned global payments credit card processing for a long time, it will also have an impact on causing an infinite development cycle of odors indoors and a continuous decline in indoor environmental air quality. Therefore, families with pets, on the one hand, students need to learn to do a good job of pet hygiene, on the one hand, but also to actively do a good job for the entire room hygiene. Usually open the windows more often to ventilate, is also a simple and effective method. Families with conditions, the best way can choose to use air purifiers, not only no can improve the removal of odors, like floating in the air cat hair, dog hair, bacteria, etc. can also be dealt with by studying air purifiers.

Consider that, in addition to air air purifier for pet odor purifier deodorization, a certain degree of sterilization and virus removal is necessary. For example, the Mika 4 series air purifier uses a 3-in-1 filter that includes a primary filter, a high-performance filter and a high-quality activated carbon filter that effectively removes 99.97% of 0.3 μm particulate matter. Among them, the primary filter traps some larger particles such as hair, dust and other suspended matter; the high performance filter mainly removes some particles that can block bacteria; and the high quality activated carbon effectively adsorbs harmful substances and effectively removes odors from the air.