What are the differences between Hong Kong and Macau Permit types

Since the reunification of best cloud mining Hong Kong and Macau, the economy and society have shown a vigorous development trend under the impetus of the Chinese mainland. The frequency of mainland residents going back and forth to Hong Kong and Macau is also slowly becoming more, so the course of the Hong Kong and Macau Permit application will produce many attention-grabbing issues.

A. What are the differences between the types of Hong Kong and Macau Permits

Domestic households to travel cnc milling prototype to Hong Kong or Macao Special Administrative Region for private vacations, visiting friends and relatives, business reception, study and training, student employment and other non-official activities, the city and county public security organs to submit applications for entry-exit visa unit where the household registration. With the entry and exit visa unit of the public security organs issued by the entry and exit permit to Hong Kong and Macao and reasonable visa to go.

According to the requirements of working visa hong kong the Ministry of Public Security of the People's Republic of China, the visas to and from Hong Kong and Macao are divided into nine types: visas for visiting relatives and friends, business visas, crew visas, study and training visas, student employment visas, visas for relatives of employed persons, vacation travel visas, study and training visas and other visas. The visas are issued according to the different reasons of the applicants, except for the visas for "study and training", "student employment" and "relatives of employed persons". The initial entry deadline is within 3 months from the date of visa examination.

2、Characteristics of different visas of Hong Kong and Macao Permit

1. "Visiting relatives and friends" visa, prefixed with "T". It is sent to the staff visiting relatives and friends in Hong Kong or Macau. It is divided into three reasonable types: once in 1 month, once in 3 months and multiple times in 3 months. For those holding multiple visas, there is no time limit for each stay.
Visiting the other half of the family, according to the need to examine the visa period of 3 months multiple visas; applicants who have not reached 18 years of age, with the father or mother to Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan to visit the father or mother, examine the visa with the accompanying mother and father the same; 60 years of age or older (including 60 years of age), or to visit the critically ill and other special circumstances, according to the applicant must be sent to a reasonable visa once every 3 months; other applicants, sent to a reasonable visa once every 1 month.
2. "Business Reception" visa, prefixed with "S". It is issued to those who are going to Hong Kong or Macau for business activities. It is divided into four categories: 14 days once, 3 months multiple times, 1 year multiple times and 3 years multiple times. For those who hold a multiple entry visa, they are allowed to stay in Hong Kong or Macau for 14 days each time during the validity period.

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