3D printing concept began in the early 3d molding 19th century in the United States, and in the 20th century 80 era to get the development trend and marketing promotion. 3D printing is a high-tech combination of physical models in a new high "level" of performance, it is called "on the 20th century concept, the 20th century technical This era of the sales market. By the middle and late 80s of the 20th century, American experts created and invented a kind of photocopier that could print out three-dimensional effects, and brought such machines and equipment to the market successfully, meaning that the technical development trend of 3D printing was perfected and widely used. The world's first 3D printing equipment, is SLA process technology, then what is the basic principle of her technology? Listen to the cloud casting three-dimensional expression it!

First, the overall basic principle of additive materials.

Assuming that there are now mobile mine a bunch of 1cm * 1cm * 1cm Lego blocks, the provisions of the use of them to put together a 4cm * 4cm * 4cm square, first on the desktop to place the first layer, then the second layer on the first layer, and so on to place the third layer, the fourth layer, which happens to constitute a square, which is the theoretical basis for 3D printing out of additive materials, relying on raw materials to carry out the deposition of three-dimensional figure of manufactured products, and finally integrated forming All the necessary look, even if it is irregular, complicated, hollow carved, hollow, double hermetic and other structures, but also able to immediately form.
Today's rapid prototyping technology machines and equipment to SLA analysis is more profound, the application is also extremely common. Today, cloud casting three-dimensional for everyone to explain in detail the basic principles of technology now it.

Second, SLA uv curing light mtr hk forming processing process 3D printing equipment basic principles
SLA (StereolithographyAppearance), that is, three-dimensional uv curing lamp molding method. Also known as three-dimensional lithography, light forming, etc., is a choice of laser point-by-point scanner liquid photosensitive resin to dry solid rapid molding process.
With the scanner head will be laser scanner to the epoxy resin surface layer, let it be exposed, the liquid epoxy resin is part of the laser shine will produce dry solid, gradually produce the look of the first layer, and then use the same way , in that aspect in carrying out a new layer of cross-sectional shape of irradiance, fixed telephone, and so on, and thus layer by layer of cross-sectional corridor gradually laminated together, and finally produce manufactured products.

Third, the use of SLA uv curing lamp forming

In the aerospace industry, SLA is mainly used in spare parts disappearing mold casting, sample test, and its installability inspection and other aspects of the use; in the electric locomotive industry is mainly on the appearance and structure of the complicated parts to make the original shape without the mold and the rate is rapid, at the same time can also do the car engine and other operational testing and scientific research; in the mold casting industry is used at the same time mold casting production and manufacturing; and in the In the life science industry, SLA is necessary for nose prosthesis, overall planning of complicated surgery, and jaw repair in stomatology; and in the development and cultural creative industry, SLA can effectively reproduce the creative design and ideas of interior designers, and get rid of the traditional manufacturing process and design ideas in the middle of the fortress; various solid models of art and creative products, sculptures, and cultural creative products in animation, film, and games can be made immediately. works, cultural and creative products, etc. can be reflected by SLA immediately.