Three steps to choose a good mining bitcoin machine, hurry up and bookmark it!

A miner consists of chips, cooling fans, batteries and many other components. The "chip" is the core component that determines whether miners can more easily mine more digital currency.

Mining chip manufacturers need to have strong R&D capabilities, m31s miner demand and a growing global race for computing power, testing and technology convergence. So when choosing a miner, it is very important to choose a strong brand and team.

There are now two of the world's most well-known Bitcoin miners, Ant Mining from the mainland and Avalon Mining from Zhang Nan International. The latter development is also the inventor of one of the world's first ASIC chip miners in China.

The choice of mining machine to look at computing power, metal prototype fabrication two look at power consumption, three look at the history of reputation.

Computing power is the ability of a machine to perform operations, that is, how many hash operations the machine can perform per second. Currently, the computing power of mainstream bitcoin mining machines is 14T, which is 14*10^13c hash strokes per second.

Power consumption is an indicator of the power consumption of a mining machine, saas payment gateway which is directly related to the cost of mining. In general, the extractor operates 24 hours a day.

Therefore, even if the difference in power consumption between different types of mining machines is small, the cost of power consumed in a year varies greatly.

Historical reputation represents the stability of a mining machine manufacturer's business, and you can learn from different purchase channels about the manufacturer's overall user rating, after-sales service, and whether prepaid miners can be delivered on time.

The easiest way to choose a miner is to learn the latest in-stock miner models directly. This is because the latest mining machine in our country will consume less power than one, the arithmetic power is higher, the input work output than the most cost-effective.

You need to be reminded that the noise of the mining machine is relatively large, which is also a serious injury to the mining machine.