The digital era has very high iot lpwa regulations for human resources, thus making information management into a necessity in economic and social development. Informatization management means making full use of modern technology, reasonable research and development and information management. Informatization management contains the collection of information content, transmission of information content, production and processing of information content and its storage of information content. But the basic construction of integrated information management system is a must and the total overall goal of HRB social security information management, information management can not only improve the efficiency of HRB social security integrated basic construction, but also can bring particularly beneficial premise and basic for the growth of China's economy and society.

Along with the rapid development employee self service trend of social economy, the industry competition in all walks of life is aggravated, and it is very necessary to introduce innovative management to maintain the company's competitiveness, because human resources are the company's main strategic partner, so the key to reform and innovation is to advance in systematically changing the current human resources management system. In the period of "Internet technology +", new technology applications will make a lot of modern information technology in business management and make it practical, and at the same time bring new thinking for independent staff innovation.

At this stage, most of the bitmain antminer s19 pro amazon definitions of human resource management mentioned in the industry are introduced by John Drucker, the father of contemporary management, in 1954. Peter Drucker pointed out and established the definition in "Management Practice" in 1954. Peter Drucker felt that "human resource management has qualities that other network resources do not have at this stage, and it is a unique network resource that can generate visible economic value for the company". Human resources are not just a personal act of assisting management methods within the company, but are an important personal act for the survival and progress of the company. Informatization management is the most efficient and convenient visualization tool in modern business management, and is an improved management method that revolves closely around the company's natural resources such as people, money and materials. It is usually understood that HR management informatization management means the management mechanism that carries out the whole process of supervision and data statistical analysis and prediction in human resources work by means of microelectronics technology and system software as a service platform, from data information informatization management, step informatization management and management informatization down to the application of informatization management entity model.