Online recurring billing to protect customer orders

E-commerce brings people closer to different countries and makes it more convenient to buy goods. Therefore, customers often buy the same products over and over again, perhaps even in the same quantity each time, with no change in price. However, since most customers have to deal with other things, they inevitably forget to buy again, which directly affects the periodic transactions between buyers and sellers. In this case, the online recurring billing feature is a good solution to the problem and protects the customer's order needs.

Online recurring billing brings convenience to both buyers and sellers

The online recurring billing feature is actually beneficial to both buyers and sellers, as customers can reduce the number of forgotten purchases and avoid the situation of not being able to deliver goods in time when they are needed urgently, especially when overseas customers have a long shipping cycle after purchase and must plan well in advance. For sellers, online recurring billing can help them extend the buyer's lifecycle and help improve retention rates, which is a great help in promoting sales.

Online recurring billing eliminates the need for a cumbersome process

Of course, another important reason is that online recurring billing does not require a complicated process to set up, it is easy and fast to operate, just set up once and then there is no need to repeat the action, the system will buy according to the pre-set quantity within a specified period of time, the seller can also give certain discounts according to the customer's relationship. The system can send payment notices online or offline, and supports the current mainstream online payment gateway, setting up its entire functional system at low cost and high efficiency.

Regular online billing creates a win-win situation

Online recurring billing is a win-win situation for both sellers and buyers, as it prevents sellers from forgetting to repeat orders due to other things, especially if they need to make multiple purchases in a month and it is difficult to do manual calculations. For the seller, it can avoid different orders from the same customer, and it can set the purchase interval, purchase quantity, discount conditions, etc. according to the customer's needs, and support the professional payment notice sending function to better manage the chargeback payment.