What is the value of wireless communication modules? Read the article

There are many kinds of wireless modules, including NB-IoT module, LORA module, cellular communication module, Wi-Fi module, LTE module, etc.

Wireless communication module is the basic hardware link for communication of IoT application, and it is also the key link to connect the sensing layer and network layer of IoT.

There is a one-to-one correspondence between the wireless communication module and the IoT terminal device.

The wireless communication module enables various IoT terminal devices to have network information transmission capability and is the information gateway for various intelligent terminals to access the IoT.

What is the value of wireless communication module?

First value: Wireless communication module integrated in the hardware integration and software design process, a variety of communication standards can be applied to a wider range of application scenarios.

The second value: upstream standardized chips and downstream decentralized vertical intermediaries, which need to meet the specific needs of different customers and different application scenarios.

The profit model for manufacturers is to procure upstream materials and be responsible for product design and sales.

Production can be done in-house or outsourced to third-party processors. According to the requirements of application manufacturers, the manufacturer will develop custom-made products for different application scenarios.