The traditional-style car sales market is now stepping into an intelligent transformation, and the core technologies driving the transformation at this stage - fully automated driving, formation driving, vehicle life-cycle maintenance, and sensor data crowdsourcing - must be secure, reliable, low-latency and OFDM connectivity, relying on gigabit NIC intelligent wireless network 5G IoT Internet gateway,gnss module can apply the provisions of this communication technology.

In the era of the Telematics platform, a full range of wireless communication links can integrate additional services, such as website navigation, into the vehicle, completing frequent, fast and low-latency information exchange between the vehicle's automatic control system and the cloud service system software. With 5G communication technology, it is possible to comply with future connectivity regulations such as shared resource vehicles, remote control, fully automated and cooperative driving. With the strong support of 5G network communication, Telematics platforms will have the potential to accomplish the following use cases.

Convoy driving: Fully automated convoy driving of trucks or large vans is safer than people drivers. The vehicles are closer together in the middle, thus saving gas and diesel fuel and increasing the efficiency of freight transportation. Formation also provides intelligent operational flexibility - fully automated formation when vehicles enter the highway and fully automated dispersal when they leave the highway.

Remote control/remote control driving: The vehicle is physically operated by a driver in a remote control center, rather than having people driving in the vehicle. Remote control software driving can be used to give high-end concierge service programs so that guests can work in the middle of the day or attend a meeting, or to give taxi service programs for staff without driver's licenses or for conditions that make them unfit to drive such as illness or drunkenness.

According to give large network bandwidth and low latency internet for car and road infrastructure construction, 5G can bring more detailed and comprehensive road awareness and accurate navigation bar service project. Baima high-tech technology focus on 5G communication development trend, for 5G intelligent use, product development and release gigabit network card 5G industrial gateway BMG5100. applicable 5G fast, low latency communication, to assist vehicles, production equipment to complete intelligent update, also applicable to diverse machine equipment connection, all-round data collection, supporting facilities strong industrial Internet of things capabilities, data processing method capabilities. Promote 5G intelligent IoT innovation high efficiency use of landing type.