What are the 5 practical functions of HRM system? Read the article and you will understand

1、Employee file management

human resource management system is designed to store employee file information technology, and the system can support the addition, modification, import and export of personal information of employees.

The system can support the addition, modification, import and export of personal information of employees, including the basic information of employees, education information, work environment information, silicone molding company contract agreements, etc., and support employees to check and print through the network system at any time, as well as to issue the corresponding proof of employment.

2、Organizational Structure Management

The HR management system supports the establishment, modification and cancellation of the organization structure, the management of the organization structure of subsidiaries, and the establishment, modification and cancellation of temporary organizations.

It promotes the flexible organization EBIT miner structure management of enterprises to cope with various special management situations with project as the core.

3、Attendance Scheduling Management

Attendance management is also an important function of HR management system, which supports multiple attendance modes to deal with attendance problems in office areas under different scenarios.

Support staff shift management, enterprises can set different attendance time and location for different shifts according to actual work needs, and manage shifts flexibly.

4、Performance assessment management

HR management system also supports the function of performance appraisal management. It can provide good HR management service for enterprises. The performance appraisal management function supports the self-definition of the performance plan.

It can set its own performance content, indicators, weights and scores, and then evaluate the performance results through self-evaluation and optimized scoring.

5、Employee Compensation Management

Employee compensation management is also an important part of the human resources management system, mainly used for employee compensation management.

By setting up different salary schemes for different positions, it can implement comprehensive salary management for enterprise employees, and can greatly reduce the part of employee management, making enterprise salary management more scientific, accurate and efficient.