How can I use Whatsapp to tap into new customers?

Whatsapp is similar to WeChat, with 2 billion+ users, and is one of the more user-specific social media tools in the world that can make small talk and voice calls, with an extremely high arrival and opening rate of its conversations.

How do I sign up for WhatsApp?
Like the cell phone WeChat, is also registered according to the cell phone number, in the case of application registration, the customer must key in the cell phone number and accept a verification SMS, and then WhatsApp will retrieve the customer's cell phone address book who is already in the application and add to the customer's cell phone address book roster fully automatically. At the beginning, if you want to apply WhatsApp, the first thing is to apply for registration of your own account, and many of you may not be able to receive SMS when you apply for registration.

There is also a part of people, after applying for registration and not much time was inexplicably blocked, in fact, in everyone just applied for registration soon, do not have to often switch network ip, do not have to repeatedly send messages, or establish many group chats, in some of which group chats also include friends who are not even in the communication record, so such a situation is also will WhatsApp judgment for intentional marketing promotion.

There is also the case that we don't have to intentionally send too many messages to our customers when we apply WhatsApp account, that is very easy to suffer prosecution. For many investors, in order to get some potential customers faster and better, they are too eager to send messages to some people who are not in their cell phone address book, although the other party's WhatsApp can accept or ignore everyone's messages, but they also have a third option, that is, to report you or add you to the blacklist. If your WhatsApp account has been reported more than three times, then the probability that this WhatsApp account will basically hang is very high.

Although the application of WhatsApp account is quite convenient, but for the service platform set standards, we also need to understand more, according to the specification to apply WhatsApp, and then you can apply faster, and carry out all kinds of activities marketing!