By the China UnionPay hand in hand with a variety of banking industry together with the release of the "brush face to pay" announced the appearance. "Brush face to pay" goods with four flash points: one is no intermediary, users pay without bringing cell phones, savings cards and other physical media, easy and convenient to enjoy payment services; two is high efficiency, users can quickly pay according to the brush face and key in the payment password; three is security, according to the data desensitization, decentralized storage, face detection, login password technology, instant payment china unionpay international. Third, security, according to data desensitization, decentralized storage, face detection, login password technical, immediate risk control and other countermeasures, not only to improve the payment security factor, but also to reasonably maintain private information, while collaborating with multiple parties in the industry chain to enhance the sound risk compensation system, multi-faceted to ensure the safety of user funds and property; fourth, interconnection, users can collaborate with the three parties according to the China UnionPay "face payment" The terminal devices wired by the payment platform can enjoy unified payment services and complete data sharing.

High efficiency: easy to use, feel convenient and fast

"Brush face pay" using artificial intelligence technology, Internet big data and other modern technology, according to the brush face to complete the sale router, continue to use the payment password sale authentication method, do not change the customer application, the merchant trial of the sale habitual. Users only need to apply for registration on the cell phone net banking or UnionPay flash payment APP to open and associated UnionPay card, in the supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies, hotels, restaurants, self-service vending machines and other scenarios of merchants clearing, without taking out the cell phone, savings cards and other physical media, only according to the prompt information to "brush face" actual operation and key in the payment password In the case of the "face swipe", the payment can be made successfully, which greatly improves the customer's feeling of payment and enhances the happiness of financial information services.

The application of "brush face pay" goods is relatively simple and requires only 2 processes: in the first step, the user opens the actual operation on each bank APP or UnionPay Flash APP, the system software clarifies the user agreement and obtains authentication, carries out facial collection and authentication, associates the UnionPay card and sets the "brush face pay "The second step is that the user can pay by simply brushing his face and typing the payment password on the special password keyboard in the physical line where "face payment" is applicable. At this stage, customers in Ningbo, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Jiaxing (Wuzhen), Changsha, Wuhan, Hefei and other regions can get a head start on the "face payment" service project in local supermarkets, restaurants, pharmacies, hotels, restaurants, vending machines and other demonstration sites.

Security: double protection of payment and private information

As the latest financial information technology commodity, "Face Payment" persistently takes security as the basis, giving guests the whole process of information and asset security protection.

In the level of privacy protection, the facial features collection is established with the authorization of the customer, strictly control the scope of data information application, choose payment identification, multifaceted security measurement, decentralized storage and other technicalities to strictly prevent information leakage, forgery and misuse.

At the level of capital property security, sufficient attention is paid to the objective intention of the user, and active land confirmation is carried out according to the dedicated type of payment password. The face is only made as the router information content of the relationship savings card, and the sale shall be based on the authentication of the special type payment password to ensure the real sale of the user. At the same time, the creation of a reliable protection system to ensure the autonomy of customers, the right to financial security and other legal rights.

Win-win: New development of payment and new opportunities in the field

The successful announcement of "Face Payment" has created new trends and introduced new opportunities for the payment industry chain. China UnionPay, the banking industry, three-party payment platforms, merchants, service vendors, security assessment agencies and other industry chain parties will again increase the range of Internet financial applications, in the firm construction of payment clearing security defense, for the general public to give safe and standardized, convenient and effective payment services at the same time, collaborate to build a win-win cooperation "face payment "Good green ecology.

In recent years, China UnionPay has joined hands with various parties in the bank card industry chain to actively promote the innovative use of biometrics and other new technologies in the payment industry, providing users with more diversified, secure, standardized, convenient, fast and effective payment services, while at the same time helping to promote the development trend of independent innovation in the financial industry. In the future, China UnionPay will continuously update and optimize the algorithm and risk control capabilities, continuously improve the quality of products and services, and further enhance the level of services for the benefit of the people and the convenience of the people.