How is the handling fee for credit card charged? Find out how the money is deducted

Credit card fees are usually borne by the business, global payments card processing fees and the amount deducted from the credit card charge is the actual amount credited to the business.

However, there are times when the credit card amount is relatively large and some merchants are reluctant to allow consumers to swipe their credit cards if they wish to do so at the consumer's expense.

The specific way the processing fee is charged is related to the amount of the credit card and the way the credit card is used. There are two ways to swipe a credit card, direct swipe and flash swipe.

A direct swipe is when you take out a credit card and pay by inserting or swiping it, and a flash card is a credit card that is placed near a cash register or connected to a cell phone, WeChat or Alipay. The rates are different.

1. Direct swipe: UnionPay POS charges a standard rate of 0.6%, while third-party POS charges a higher rate and a single service fee. No matter how much money is swiped, the rate will be executed according to a standard rate.

2, flash card: flash card has a small amount of double-free function, the default transaction does not exceed 1000 yuan is implemented in accordance with the preferential service fee policy of 0.38%, more than 0.6% of the standard rate charge.

If the installment fee is borne by the merchant, although the consumer does not need to deduct the fee, but if the full amount is not reimbursed, choose to pay in installments, you can incur installment fees.