First of all, payment and collection are 2 different definitions, collection pos machine means collection, payment is to the payer, and everyone is closely related chinese payment system, do not need to be confused.

The popular payment software has 4 kinds, Alipay wallet, WeChat collection, cloud flash payment, third party.

2 minutes to see the long insight, the following separate analysis for the big guys.

Alipay wallet: born for payment! The first to do online payment system software, formerly under the Alibaba Group, before the Alibaba sale was successfully detached from it, into a purely domestic blood cell phone software, and ant financial combination, is Taobao Tmall Mall Ali-specific cell phone software, with more than 800 million customers.

The market share of downloading on cell phones is only after WeChat, and at the same time, because it gives you chanting and borrowing, it suffers from our extreme embrace. At the same time, Ali service promises assets lost handsome first full compensation, so it has achieved wide application.

WeChat collection: passive application because of the convenience of social media!

WeChat is a social media big brother Tencent official company, nothing objectionable is the first download software on the cell phone, at the same time is also the largest daily activity, almost everyone's cell phone is there, because WeChat big red envelope style big, a large number of people actively pursue the perfect, and thus produce application habitual.

In fact, WeChat's not enough expenses have 3 points, one is the channel is too deep, open WeChat to 3 steps to be able to, sweep after also need to be more than one step to determine, two is a year 200,000 amount for most people is quite a big obstacle, cash withdrawal service fee reached 1%, three is WeChat big red envelope the whole process can not see the other party real name authentication, customer security experience is not very good.

The key to why people are still applying WeChat to receive money is either convenience or the convenience of transferring away after receiving the money.

Cloud flash payment: UnionPay Group's mobile online payment, the most pure payment software, the real first party payment, China UnionPay business is the son of UnionPay, UnionPay is the internal structure of the People's Bank of China system software.

It is the player and the referee, CUP associated bank credit card can see the credit card bill at the same time, and is faster and most exact, other payment software data information from CUP.

Cloudflare is China's credibility professional ability security factor of the largest payment software, there is no one.

Why occupy the utilization rate is not as high as WeChat and Alipay wallet?


1. Although the page compared to other state-run financial enterprises app has long been thought of as intelligent and practical. After all, it is a state-run enterprise, can not put the customer experience into the first place, or there are some not smooth, ordinary people apply the actual operation is not used to.

2. merchants are not favored, the key factor is the high cost of cash withdrawal, merchants need to collect cash twice a day, this one and the benefits of cloud flash payment transmission, the utilization rate is reduced after the popularization.

Third-party civil cell phone software: born to break the monopoly.

Advantages: low cost of cash withdrawal, convenient application, a QR code can receive a variety of that time, such as WeChat and Alipay wallet are able to sweep the same QR code on.

Disadvantages: low market share, small environment, slightly poor security, low technical expertise, low weight value in third-party payments, but also often checked for no reason.