5 clinical manifestations of amino acid metabolic disease, find these symptoms to be careful

1、Lower intellectual development

In the same developmental period, patients with amino acid disorder have significantly lower intelligence than their peers, and are slightly worse in calculation, learning and memory.

The patient's intelligence develops in a declining manner. In many ways, degeneration occurs with age.

2. Language deficiency

When the patient suffers from amino acid metabolic disease, there will be stuttering, poor speech expression ability, constructive speech disorder and other symptoms, which brings a lot of trouble to the patient's life.

3、Behavior abnormalities

Sometimes abnormal behavior occurs, sometimes psychomotor excitement, which is manifested as enhanced movement and speech, and psychomotor inhibition.

Patients may speak little and move slowly. Some patients will ignore and resist what others say to them, some will keep repeating what others say or do, and some will directly imitate what others say or do.

4. Eye abnormalities

Patients may have tears, red eyes, and fear of sunlight, while other patients may have eyes that cannot be opened, double shadows when looking at things, and the patient's condition, so their symptoms are different.


Patients suffering from amino acid metabolic disease will also have some of these manifestations, such as a red scaly rash on the hands, feet, face and neck, and some patients may have hardened skin on the soles of the feet.