How to prevent genetic metabolic diseases? You can't be careless if you want a healthy baby

Pregnant women who are at risk of having a child with a genetic disorder can terminate their pregnancy and inherited metabolic disorders have an elective abortion. To reduce the birth rate of severe metabolic diseases. 

The genetic metabolic disorders are mostly autosomal recessive genes, both parents are heterozygous, carry pathological genes and have a high incidence of inbreeding.

Heterozygosity testing is performed in the population or in relatives of patients through various tests, and genetic counseling is given to estimate the risk of fetal disease in the next pregnancy, and prenatal testing is performed to reduce the prevalence.

Many people are completely ignorant of genetic metabolic diseases in newborns and pay less attention to them, which leads to many family misfortunes.

Mothers should be careful to avoid exposure to medications during pregnancy. If they are ill or are preparing for pregnancy, they should tell their doctor, who will prescribe medication according to the specific situation.

Radiation should also be avoided and stressful situations should be avoided;

4. Prenatal diagnosis is also important. If a family unfortunately has a child with a genetic metabolic disease, the parents can have a prenatal diagnosis and the doctor can advise you to have a normal child;

5. premarital examination, premarital examination items have also increased a lot, some diseases can help you to exclude, tell you what is the appropriate situation, what conditions to pay attention to when pregnant.

If you do what your doctor says, you can usually avoid them, but of course you can't avoid them all. There are genetic problems, and there are also developmental abnormalities that cannot be avoided.