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What are the advantages of UnionPay online china unionpay card payment platform? In today's era of Internet convenience, if you do not open the UnionPay online payment platform, it is a very painful thing. On the contrary, after opening it, it will bring us a lot of convenience. What are the advantages of the UnionPay online payment platform?

Advantages of UnionPay Online Payment Platform

1. The issuing bank. By establishing a sustainable, mutually beneficial and win-win business model with the issuing bank, UnionPay Online Payment helps the issuing bank to meet the issuing bank's demand for safe, fast, global and multiple-choice Internet payment. Improve the efficiency and quality of online payment for cardholders, improve the service scope and service level of card issuing banks, and expand the scale of online payment transactions of card issuing banks.

figure 2. receiving agency. UnionPay Online fully supports the vast majority of domestic commercial banks, providing unified, standard and standardized business processes, interface specifications and service systems, as well as online and offline integrated Internet payment solutions, helping billing agencies improve the competitiveness of merchants and satisfy merchants Diversified demand for Internet payment applications, expanding user scale.

3. Merchant. As an independent, credible and advanced comprehensive Internet payment tool, UnionPay Online Payment, relying on China UnionPay's powerful comprehensive electronic payment service capabilities, can provide merchants with integrated online and offline fund settlement services and convenient transaction management services, thereby increasing merchant orders. Payment success rate to ensure transaction information security. At the same time, relying on the strong brand support of UnionPay will help improve the consumer confidence of cardholders and bring huge customer resources and unlimited business opportunities to merchants.

4. Cardholders. UnionPay online payment can support the Bank of China by establishing a very wide coverage, a variety of payment management methods that can be freely developed and selected, a huge domestic and overseas acceptance network, strict merchant integrity certification, and my country's financial risk level credit guarantee. Cardholders provide a secure, fast, globalized, and multi-choice Internet company payment system service to meet the full range of online cultural consumption and payment market demands in the daily study and life of cardholders such as food, clothing, housing, transportation, Tesco, water, electricity and gas.

5. Government departments. UnionPay Online Payment can effectively meet the diversified Internet payment and capital management needs of various government departments, provide comprehensive solutions for local e-commerce and e-government financial payment, support local information projects, and promote the healthy and rapid development of the local e-commerce industry. Help local governments build e-commerce and e-government online payment ecosystems, and improve the level of social and economic informatization.