The children’s dining chair can liberate mom’s hands, allowing mom to eat with the baby at the same time. But the baby is very naughty, often making noise on the dining chair, which is what makes the mothers dare not care. How can I securely fix my baby on the dining chair? Let’s take a look at’s method.

1. First, put the children's dining chair by the dining table. If it is a foldable dining chair, open the dining chair and fix the screws completely to ensure the safety of the dining chair;

2. put the baby on the dining chair, put your feet on both sides of the fixing belt, and buckle the fixing belt, as long as the baby is comfortable but not able to move;

3. Install the small table in front of the baby, fix the table, make sure the table is clean and the screws are stable;

4. put the rice bowl in front of the baby and teach the baby to eat properly.

1. pay attention to fix

First of all, ensure that the dining chair itself is fixed. Best Baby High Chair,If it has no wheels, ensure that it can bear the weight of the baby's body and balance itself. If there are wheels, ensure that the wheels are fixed during the meal and cannot be parked in dangerous places; secondly It is necessary to ensure that the dining chair can withstand the strength of the baby's shaking, and there should be no incidents of the baby shaking on the dining chair and falling; in addition, attention should be paid to the fixing of the tableware, and the baby should not be allowed to take the rice bowl at will or overturn due to shaking.

2. Be careful not to choose a chair that is too big

Many mothers are worried that the baby will not be able to sit on the stool when they grow up, so they buy a very wide chair. In fact, this is not necessary. Because a chair that is too large cannot play a fixed role, the baby sits on the chair without restraint, and it is no different from a normal chair. At the same time, a chair that is too large cannot meet the needs of the baby’s spine growth. In addition, children’s dining chairs generally only You don’t need to buy too much when you are about two or three years old.

3. You cannot leave your baby alone on the dining chair

Children's dining chairs are generally relatively tall, which is to meet the needs of babies and mothers to eat on the same plane, but the high dining chairs are all on the top, and they are not as stable as other stools. Therefore, mothers We should always pay attention to the safety of the baby when eating, especially not to leave the baby alone on the dining chair. Once the baby falls backwards, the consequences will be disastrous.

4. pay attention to save

When the dining chair is not used frequently, it should be wiped clean and covered with a pocket, because the screws may rust if not stored properly, which poses a safety hazard; dust accumulation, although it is easy to clean, but the ash layer in the corner is not easy to wash off. The gray layer is easy to stick to the baby when it is used again.

5. Set an example for your baby

When eating, the mothers can teach the baby some basic table manners. After repeated learning and ears and eyes, the baby will form good eating habits and lay a solid foundation for the development of a qualified person in the future.