smart module

With over 130 years of development since the birth of the automobile, there is a clear consensus in the market and consumer evaluation of vehicles. For example, vehicles are graded by displacement and wheelbase, such as vehicles are evaluated by comfort, driveability, safety, etc. Thus, for fuel cars, we all have an indicator in mind to evaluate its performance. By 2021, new energy vehicles will play a very important role. In terms of hardware, it has a very different structure from the internal combustion engine, and in terms of smart module evaluation system, those standards are not suitable for new energy vehicles. Then how should the evaluation of electric or smart cars be?


Buying a car depends on the class, and the longer the car the higher the status it represents. The higher end, etc. Each represents wealth, status. It is defined by the standard when the car is longer than or equal to 6000mm, it is defined in the standard large sedan. Having the exterior aura brought by the long body, and the interior use space brought by the long wheelbase, which naturally becomes the primary factor in evaluating the quality of fuel cars.


Fuel car, power energy is naturally gasoline (diesel), turn these fuels into mechanical energy is the most important engine on the car. From the spiteful three-cylinder engine to the ordinary four-cylinder, and then increasingly powerful six-cylinder, eight-cylinder, twelve-cylinder. In general, the same cylinder volume, the more cylinders, the greater the displacement, the higher the power; the same displacement, the more cylinders, the smaller the diameter of the cylinder, the speed can be increased, so as to obtain a greater boost power. Of course, the greater the price difference. For example, equipped with four or six-cylinder engine models, even if the displacement of 2 liters, the price difference may be tens of thousands of dollars. Displacement is the sum of the working volume of each cylinder of the engine, the larger the displacement, the better the power performance of the car. So displacement is an important sign of the level of traditional fuel cars.

Configuration (safety and comfort)

To be able to rate a car as a superior grade, then in addition to the long wheelbase + large displacement engine mentioned above, the configuration of the car is also necessary to mention. Look at those family economy models on the market, they are based on pragmatism, as well as price factors, the car's comfort features are not much, and the safety features are naturally not too rich. Then the luxury high-end models, seat heating / ventilation / massage, seat power adjustment, fragrance system, HUD head-up display, a full set of driving assistance and active safety features due to have all.


What is the most compelling aspect of an electric car? I think many people will vote for range. And look at the manufacturers now when they introduce their products, they will put their range on the pen and ink, so it is clear how important range is to consumers for a pure electric car, so it is not too much to list it as the first element to evaluate the quality of a new energy vehicle. And the range level in the market now is basically between 500-600km. Economical models are around 200-300km, while models with mainly high range capacity have reached 800km in some cases, while models with 1000km have emerged. We will not discuss below whether high range is a waste of resources, because I think even for 100km models, that is an optional item and will not be the standard.


When it comes to smart cars, then how does the car become smart, or embodied in the word smart? That is undoubtedly autonomous driving, the ultimate goal is L5 level. To achieve 100% L5 level autonomous driving, it must be equipped with advanced and mature autonomous driving and assisted driving functions. The most critical configuration is a series of sensors such as LIDAR and multiple cameras. Also, let's not forget the need for a chip and software with super computing power. Among them, laser range is far, fast, high precision, can adapt to various environments and is not prone to false positives and false positives. This is why LIDAR is the next generation of radar that families are currently competing to adopt.

Smart car networking

From the initial radio, cassette tape, to the later ability to listen to songs via U disk, the change of in-car multimedia can be said to accompany the entire history of the development of the car. Now, for the first time by a new power brand, the multi-screen and large screen design makes the vehicle seem to come to life, it has its own voice, while being able to understand your words and help you solve many operational problems by voice. Meanwhile, the powerful Telematics capability allows you to touch any corner of the world from inside the car.


Putting safety last is not because it's not important, but because you want to say it's good. In the eyes of professionals, security here is actually divided into Stability and Security. the former is not human intervention, the car will not have problems. The latter in the case of human intervention, the car will not have problems. We are now talking about fuel cars without considering the latter. We are thinking more about the quality of the car and whether there is a problem with driving. For smart cars, Security is the biggest issue.

Since networking is an important thing for smart cars, and it is a software system that controls the car's functions, and every car's system does. Imagine that any software must have vulnerabilities and any network must have hackers. Then, if the software system is cracked by an unsuspecting person, then he will have hundreds of thousands or even millions of cars on his hands, then the cars running on the road. Second, the application of the car camera, you can achieve the face launch, fatigue monitoring and other functions, but now personal privacy is not 100% safe, if the unsuspecting people find loopholes, then this is another problem that requires deep thinking.