Buttocks sagging is a worry for many people. What people see directly will affect aesthetics, and bulging forward is a popular trend of modern aesthetics, but the deepest level will still affect our health.

For example, our gluteal muscles will affect the stability of our lumbar spine and pelvis.

When standing on one leg, it will weaken our ability to stand on one leg, especially during some of the yoga poses standing on one leg, we will be easy for other muscles compensate .


But also make our hips become malnourished, because we are accustomed to long-term sedentary, buttocks forget how to properly open, let us I lost the ability to generate power, which will easily lead to other problems, our lumbar spine problems, knee and ankle problems.


Today I recommend 11 yoga moves for everyone, specifically for the strength exercises of the hip muscles, quickly collect it!

11 yoga moves to exercise the hip muscles

Action one:


Warrior variant

Right foot in front, left foot in back, heel aligned, left foot inward

Bend right knee 90 reads, hips straight

Raise your hands with your palms facing each other, hold 10 breaths and switch sides

Action two:


Warrior II

Based on the last action, open your hands to the front and back sides

Hip open, parallel to shoulder

Looking in the direction of the right finger

Keep 10 breaths and change sides

Action three:


Warrior three variants

Standing, slowly raising the left leg upwards and backwards

First put your hands on the ground to maintain balance

Left leg parallel to the ground, feet back hook

Raise your back and straighten it to the same height as your hips

Slowly lift your hands off the ground and close your chest

Action four:


Standing flexion

Stand with your legs together, fold down from your hips, and support your hands

Slowly lift your heels off the ground and move your weight forward

Keep a straight line on the back

After stabilizing, slowly lift your hands off the ground and extend backwards from both sides of the body

Hold 10 breaths

causeway bay yoga

Action five:


Magic Chair

Stand, legs together, squat slowly

Knee bend no more than toes

Turn the hips back and down the pelvis

Hands raised above the head, palms facing each other

Chest expansion

Action six:


Goddess variant

Open your feet with your toes facing the sides and bend your knees 90 degrees

Inhale and lift your hands above your head, palms facing each other

Slowly lift your heels upward

Action seven:


Standing flexion

Starting from standing forward, inhale and lift the right leg straight up

Exhale, bend the right knee close to the back of the left knee fossa, and bend the left knee slightly

Repeat 10 times, change sides

Action eight:


Lower dog variant

Starting from the dog-down style, inhale and lift the left leg up and back to straighten the foot back hook

Exhale, open 90 degrees to the left

10 times back and forth

Action nine:


Bracket support variant

Starting from the elbow support, the elbows should be aligned with the shoulders, and the feet should be as wide as the hips

Exhale and bend your knees to keep your hips constant

Inhale back to the toggle support

Action ten:


Four-legged bench variant

Knee on the ground, right elbow on the ground, left palm on the ground

Inhale and lift your left knee off the ground, open 90 degrees to the left and raise

Exhale and let go, keep your knees off the ground, repeat 10 times, change sides

Action eleven:


Locust variant

Lie down and stretch your legs together

Hands clasped together

Inhale, lift your legs off the ground, chin chest off the ground, hands up away from the hips

The above 11 exercises can not only make the shape of the buttocks more beautiful, but also alleviate many health problems caused by the weak muscles of the buttocks. It is recommended to store them for daily practice!