Tokyo Disney Dream Pink Castle completed

Affected by the 2019 coronavirus epidemic, Tokyo Disneyland in Japan was not idle during the "closing period".

Tokyo Disneyland announced in 2017 that it will build a large-scale park and add theme parks such as "Beauty and the Beast", "Frozen", "Heroic Heroes", and "Tangerine". Among them, Fantasy Land, which was originally scheduled to open in May this year, has almost completed construction, and finally exposed a series of "Pink Castle" photos on Twitter.

It is reported that Tokyo Disney spent 3 years to restore the pink castle where the "beast" lives. The entire castle is as high as 30 meters. The pink roof, lilac and blue brick walls, from the outside, look dreamlike.

Disney Princess Dress


Inside the castle, there is a new large-scale amusement facility "Magic Story with the Beast", which allows you to take a tea cup and match the most classic song of "Beauty and the Beast" to relive the classic scenes in the movie. The story of Beauty and the Beast. It is reported that this CG model is not a CG animation but a live model doll. The engineers applied Disney's original 3D animation technology, and the details of each turn and the change of expression fully reproduced the clever appearance of "Belle" in "Beauty and the Beast"!

On the street outside the castle, the shops selling surrounding goods will be designed with the village where "Belle" and his father live, while the restaurant in Fantasy Land will be inspired by the restaurant "Gaston" who loves "Belle". Every detail is so delicate, people look forward to it.