[Big data in power] The rapid development of science and technology has led to the development of a new technology almost every time you wake up. Many inventions are closely linked to our lives and have a great impact on the economic market. For example, in the "cashless payment" in recent years, shopping almost never takes cash out. Online payment is becoming more and more convenient, creating many online shops. As long as you have goods that attract customers, everyone can be the boss.


Machinery and internet are gradually integrated into our lives. Many people think that labor work will be the first to be replaced. In another ten or twenty years, there will be a bunch of robots working, and robots are cleaning. All are eliminated. This is also the biggest reason why parents threaten their children to study ...

However, some scholars speculate that the first thing to be eliminated is not labor, but "advertising"!

Everyone will be curious. In recent years, advertising marketing has become more and more popular and innovative. Why has the advertising industry been eliminated? !


First explain why the workforce will not be eliminated? Because of hard work such as cleaning, cleaning the streets ...

In addition to the low return efficiency, if you use machinery, you also need to calculate the maintenance cost, which is very uneconomical.

Because of the existence of "big data", to successfully sell the same product, there is no need to sell advertisements.

The article also mentioned at the beginning that our lives are inseparable from the Internet.

Buy theater tickets, buy clothes, search which restaurant to eat tomorrow ... all need to use the Internet, just need to collect these data, from the data to know your taste, products that may be of interest, display on your network Come out, so the "hit rate" of sales will increase a lot.

For example, if you have a pet and bought cat litter, then when you look at the web page, some new cat food will be automatically displayed. Even if you do n’t press it, you will gradually recognize the brand name. Next time you go to the pet supplies store Then you have a better chance to buy their brand.

In addition to browsing data on the Internet, there are more exaggerated urban rumors. It is your mobile chat software such as whatsapp, line, email ... that will record your call history, and even your voice when talking ...

Some YouTubers have also experimented with saying certain keywords in front of the computer.

Then the webpage really showed related ads.

In this sales strategy to narrow the customer base, there is no need to have advertisements on TV or on the Internet.

Recently chatting with a friend of the advertising industry, they also said that the advertising industry has begun to fragment in recent years. Previously, only large companies could advertise and hire stars to speak for products.

Now any advertising company can hire KOL, the cost and benefit are more effective than the celebrity holding the product and raving about the lens.


Of course, indefinite extension, any industry will be replaced, but the length of time.

The work of repairing robots or artificial intelligence can also allow artificial intelligence to perform itself.

Even the creation is the same. Artificial intelligence can learn from the big data which melodies will cause the customer's emotions, and then gather them together to create corresponding articles, music, movies ...

But on the other hand, if human beings don't have to work at all, it would be a good world ~? !