eco friendly utensils

Nowadays, more and more businesses are using green and degradable tableware under the call of policy. As long as the degradable eco friendly utensils tableware can meet the needs of people, we have also made a contribution to the major environmental pollution problems in China today. It has no pollution and is of high quality and low price. So, how to distinguish the authenticity of tableware on the market with such a product in the wide-spread market? Next, I will take you a simple way to introduce some cultural knowledge of the discrimination of related technology products.

One, eyes to see

Under the relevant so-called tableware labeled with degradable products, watch the relevant qs code and check whether the relevant information is activated on the relevant official website, and whether the activated information is marked in the degradable column, and then you can also look at the product Whether the surface is smooth and clean, if the tableware of transparent material is smooth and clean, it is very likely that the relevant polypropylene products are used instead of degradable products.

Second, nose to sniff

Due to the use of relevant environmentally friendly materials, the relevant biodegradable products have not added other relevant irritants (such as waterproof, oil repellent, fluorescent brightener, etc.), if the product you buy does not taste like plastic or other industrial disinfection Most of the agents cannot be classified as biodegradable products.

Three, hand to tear

The reason for tearing it by hand is actually very simple. Because related products can be degraded in the environment, their strength will be higher than general non-biodegradable products. Because biodegradable products do not use industrial-grade calcium carbonate and anhydrite powder, these things are not very strong and are easily torn, just like analog products, so from the relative strength, it is easy to judge the product you get Whether it is biodegradable.

In addition to our problems, we should also tell you that the cost of the relevant biodegradable tableware is higher than the general wholesale price level. It is easy to buy the wrong goods at the cheap wholesale price, but at the same time teachers should always be careful about those. Merchants that have normal prices but sell fakes must analyze the relevant knowledge to identify a correct product by learning these common sense of life.