In the era of the 5th generation mobile phone (5G) , the data transmission speed has been greatly improved, and the picture quality has become more detailed, making playing games and watching movies a real enjoyment. The premise is that the screen must be large enough for smart glasses to meet the user ’s demand. MAD Gaze has just launched the fourth generation of smart glasses, which are more lightweight and allow users to enjoy the application and benefits of AR technology anytime, anywhere. 5G will allow AR technology to penetrate into all aspects of life and have a positive impact on smart glasses sales. The head of MAD Gaze admits that there will be explosive growth in the next few years.

Augmented Reality (AR) smart glasses manufacturer MAD Gaze Limited founder and chairman Zheng Wenhui said: "The screen of the mobile phone is small, whether it is 4G or 5G, when playing or watching the film, it may not be possible to distinguish the difference in picture quality. ; When the screen is large enough to know the degree of improvement in quality. "Of course, you can install a larger screen at home to watch videos or play games, but in mobile spaces, most of them use mobile phones, tablets or laptops, and may not be able to enjoy 5G. The advantages.


MAD Gaze recently launched the fourth generation of smart glasses, a total of two models, namely Glow and Glow Plus. Glow's viewing effect is equivalent to watching a 90-inch screen at a distance of 3 meters; Glow Plus is 118 inches, which feels like being in front of a movie theater with several rows of seats.

Glow has a resolution of 1280 x 720p, which is the same as the previous generation of smart glasses , while Glow Plus has a 1920 x 1080p image quality. The so-called AR smart glasses, when people wear them, a translucent virtual screen appears in the real environment, where they can work or watch multimedia entertainment products.

AR smart glasses can bring better enjoyment of playing games, and the picture quality is meticulous. Items in AR games, such as a monster or a sports car, need not be stored in the glasses, but stored in the cloud server Because the data transmission speed is fast enough, you can download it at any time, or even download multiple different items at the same time, increasing the fun of the game.

The three generations of smart glasses previously launched by MAD Gaze mainly focus on the business to business (B2B) market. The first two generations are mainly sold to content developers to write applications and content; the third generation is still mainly B2B, but there are Many tech enthusiasts buy it for their own use and start to expand the business to consumer (B2C) market. As for the fourth generation of smart glasses, the main focus is on the B2C market. In addition to online sales, major telecommunications companies actively seek MAD Gaze to discuss cooperation and sell products to users.


Glow and Glow Plus began accepting pre-orders in December last year. Major telecommunications companies in Hong Kong have already placed orders, but they do not account for much of the overall orders. Many orders come from the mainland, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States, and tens of thousands of pieces have been sold so far. Due to the delay in production due to the epidemic situation, MAD Gaze only started delivery in April this year, and has not yet been able to catch up with the demand. It is expected that local telecommunications companies will launch products from May to June.

The smart glasses before MAD Gaze can be controlled by the buttons, touchpad or voice on the glasses. Glow and Glow Plus add gesture recognition function, controlled by smart watch, and add the function of connecting with mobile phone to control the screen through mobile phone. The advantage of connecting smart glasses to a mobile phone is that the former can use the mobile phone's CPU and battery without storing them in the glasses, reducing the weight of the glasses. Glow and Glow Plus are only 98 grams, more than half of the third generation about 200 grams.


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When people go out for business, they often need to bring a laptop computer with a weight of at least 1kg; if they use smart glasses, they can hang them in the pocket of the clothes or put them in the pocket, and then bring a wireless keyboard, they can connect to the phone at any time. During the business trip, through the giant screen of smart glasses, the briefing document can be modified; when meeting with the customer, the document or other content can be output to the projection screen for briefing. During the journey, you can enjoy all kinds of film and television entertainment anytime, anywhere, reducing the interference of the environment, such as dining on the flight, without having to put away the glasses to watch while eating.

Since 5G will bring explosive growth to the AR smart glasses market, MAD Gaze has already started to develop new products. The focus of the fifth-generation product is to improve its appearance, make it lighter and thinner, and even become a trendy accessory. Mass production is expected in the first quarter of 2021.



In addition to AR smart glasses, MAD Gaze also manufactures peripheral products. It has previously introduced joysticks, wireless keyboards, and lenses of different colors. Just launched this year, smart watches, which can control ten devices through Bluetooth, including smart glasses. MAD Gaze has also developed AR games, including racing, chessboards, cards, strategy and ball sports, as well as various types of teaching content, so that users are exposed to the combination of reality and reality. At present, more than 10 brands worldwide have launched AR smart glasses. MAD Gaze has firmly occupied the third place in the market in 2019, with a market share of about 7%.


MAD Gaze's business grew threefold in 2019, and it is expected to grow four to five times this year, and there will be similar growth in the next three years. In other words, the business in three years will be 60 to 100 times this year, and I believe that it will become a unicorn company with a valuation of US $ 1 billion. MAD Gaze was established by Zheng Wenhui and another shareholder in 2013. It just completed the A round of financing in January this year. The fundraising amount reached 130 million yuan. The funds came from Hong Kong and the mainland. It is now entering the B round of financing. "We have no plans to go public yet. We will first focus on developing the business and at the same time building an image to let the public know the brand MAD Gaze." Zheng Wenhui said.



Generally speaking, when surgeons perform surgery, they often need X-ray images to perform surgery on one side; looking at X-rays on the other side, "make it scary to stop." When a doctor uses smart glasses, the patient's X-ray image is displayed through the glasses screen. The screen is large and detailed. It is easier for the doctor to grasp the details and effectively improve work efficiency. The face recognition function of smart glasses can assist financial institutions. For example, the bank ’s customer relationship manager can identify the identity of the customer and master his personal investment and wealth management portfolio, so that he can understand the customer ’s needs in a short period of time and promote suitable products.


The above is a commercial application. As for the personal level, taking travel as an example, people often encounter language problems. Smart glasses can help translate foreign languages. When the focus is on foreign language text, smart glasses can instantly translate it into the user's native language, and it is no longer difficult to see menus, road signs or various instructions. When traveling by car, the smart glasses navigate in real time, instructing the driver to go to the destination; if they take public transportation, the smart glasses can provide information such as the location of the station and the number of trips.


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