HUAWEI Eyewear smart glasses technology and fashion blend seamlessly

In addition to the latest P40 series flagship phones, HUAWEI also introduced Eyewear 2020 spring and summer new smart glasses at a recent global online conference.

HUAWEI and GENTLE MONSTER jointly launched the 2020 spring and summer new models Smart MY MA 01 and Smart HER 01, both of which are sunglasses models, and use round frame and cat-eye frame respectively.


The "glasses call" in the science fiction blockbuster made us admire. This smart glasses is equipped with a Bluetooth call function, which is implemented in everyone's daily life.

Using semi-open dual speakers, the sound quality is clear and rich in stereo. Not only talking, but listening to music everyday has an excellent immersion experience.

MONSTER X HUAWEI Eyewear smart glasses do not have any interface, and its charging, Bluetooth pairing and other operations are completed by customizing the glasses case. When charging, just put the glasses into the glasses case, you can start charging.